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My Name is Chandra Marquart
I'm a film Director
And Graphic Designer.

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About me

Drawing, photography and filmmaking have been a hobby of mine since I was eleven years old, so it was only natural for me to become a professional graphic designer during my time at art-school, followed by a four year apprenticeship.

After this time I joined the military in the Parachute Reconnaissance Company 17 to challenge my mindset and expand my mental–, physical– and leadership-skills, just to realize after all the grueling selection from around 500 to 11 candidates, that my biggest passion is and stays film not war.

So I quit and completed a internship at the «who's mcqueen picture gmbh» a commercial film production company in Zurich.

After one year and tree months, I decided to become a freelancer and worked on different fields of film and graphic design, for multiple companies and clients. My services included Production Assistant, Web Consultant, Editor, Grader, Mattepainting Artist to Production Coordinator, Line Producer and Director and a few others.

Since 2020 I'm expanding the brand © DIE ERFINDER which I founded back in 2017. DIE ERFINDER is a network of experts who are able to tackle all the various challenges concerning Design, Film, Photography.

United under the seal of swiss quality © DIE ERFINDER solves problems at the point where science, art and technology meets and seek out new solutions. Following the spirit of Einstein, Tesla, Hoffman and many more of the great minds of our history.

So let's talk about the problems you want to have solved, your interest in becoming a part of this network.

Brands I have worked with.

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Film & Gpahic Design all around Film

Film Director | DOP

Commercial | Fiction | Expedition – Film

Designer | Art Director

Artwork | Film Poster | Album Cover
Webdesign for film

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