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My Name is Chandra Marquart
I'm a  film Director and
graphic design artist all around film.

CHeck out my work.

2019 – DENIM & IRON | IMAGE-FILM | feat. 'THE FOREST RANGERS' | director - dp - post
How a Biker experiences DENIM & IRON à local 'Biker-Weare-Store' in Zurich. – FILM
2018 – AIKIDO | SHORT-FILM | director - dp - production
A glimpth into the world of AIKIDO performed by two young aikidoka. – FILM 02
2018 – 42. SCHWEIZER JUGENDFILMTAGE | BRANDED CONTENT | director - dp - editor
A BREATH OF PANTHER – An experimental short showing a trace of thought. – FILM 03
2017 – T+R HAUSSMANN | BOOK-DESIGN | graphic design - bookbinding
This Book is a unique piece for the private collection of Trix + Robert Haussmann.
2021 – THE FUTURE 1% | RARE | CRYPTO-ART-SERIES | digital artwork design
A Triptychon series of 3 digital paintings, reflecting the current times in cyperpunk charakters. #NFT – POA
2020 – SHORT-FILM | STORYBOARDS | digital artwork design
First scribbles to get a feel for story, charackter & mood of this current project.
A vintage graded picture of chandra marquart the founder of die erfinder in a petrol coloured retro interieur designed, cinematic lightend scenery with a mirror behind and flowers to the right

Whaybefore that one cold autums Day in september 2004, when I had my Birthday, at the same day as David Copperfield, drawing, photography and filmmaking had already beein hobbys of mine, it was only natural for me to become a professional graphic designer during my one year time at art-school 2011, followed by a four year apprenticeship to finish the Federal certificate of Competence – Graphic Designer EFZ – in 2015.

Thereafter I joined the military in January 2016, as a candidate in the Parachute Reconnaissance Company 17 to challenge my mindset and expand my mental–, physical– and leadership-skills, just to realize after all the grueling parachute- and military-selection from around 500 to 11 candidates, that my biggest passion is and stays making film and Design all around Film, not War.

So I quit and completed a internship at the «who's mcqueen picture gmbh» a premium commercial film production company in Zurich for halve a year, followed by one year employed as an all round Production Assistant / Coordinator / Booklet Designer, while consulting the Company for CD & Homepage & Social Media improvements.

Since 2019 I completley shifted into working as freelancer and worked in different fields of filmmaking, produceing and graphic design, for multiple companies and clients. My services included Production Assistant, Web Consultant, Editor, Grader, Mattepainting Artist, Production Coordinator, Line Producer and Director.

Since 2020 I'm expanding the brand © DIE ERFINDER which I founded back in 2017. DIE ERFINDER is becomeing a growing network of design- & filmexperts who are able to tackle the various challenges concerning design & film online by working in lean, efficiantly budget tailored teams, designing, manufacturing and produceing Products, including the integration of the solution and knowlage into a cooperatons dayly business.

Brands I work with.

a image collection of brand logos from ten colaporatour companies listing, whos mcqueen picture, trix und robert haussmann, hillton, gravity 9, box elder, migros, iwc schaffhausen, swisscom, valser, ochsner sport


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